The To Do List is a helpful tool, to coordinate tasks specifically and efficiently. Thanks to the To Do List everything is at a single glance. Co-workers know exactly what they have to do and when to do it. Tasks can be specifically assigned as well as reviewed. The list helps to meet deadlines and makes collaboration considerably easier. The To Do List can be seen as an organizer where workflows can be organized in a more structural and coordinated way.


The following figure shows the starting page of the To-Do-List:




The To Do List consists of 2 main columns. Through the menu on the left side various filters are available to organize the To Do List and to adjust the display mode according to your needs. The following filters are at your disposal:


Employees, Filter Category, Filter Sequence, Filter Status, Assigned from



Here you can assign tasks to the respective staff members through a check mark. You can also look into your own tasks, as well as review the tasks given to others.  


Filter Category:

This menu helps you to filter your To Do List according to your predefined options. There is also a possibility to create a customized short list, comprising of your own categories, by clicking on “edit“. Predefined categories are:

     A10 Office ; A 20 Akquisition;  A90 Privat


Filter Sequence:

The Filter Sequence lets you display your tasks according to their level of priority. You can choose from the following options.

     - at once  - today  - asap  - soon  - next week  - on occasion


Filter Status:

The list can be adjusted according to the status of the assigned tasks, by clicking on the various options. Possibilities to filter the lists are:

     - in Progress  - completed today  - completed 7 days ago  - completed a month ago  - deleted


Assigned from:

Here you can filter your To Do List according to the following criteria:

     - self-assigned  - assigned by others  - assigned to others



The following figure shows the left column of the To-Do-List:



In the right side of the column the actual tasks are being listed and ordered according to the predefined filters. A new task can be created, by clicking on the button “new” in the upper, right corner. The following options for creating tasks are:



The To-Do-List comprises of eight categories:


- name - category  - subject  - commentary  -  order/appointment  -  status  -  public  - from



indicates the recipient



displays the chosen filter category



here you can insert the actual task



space to enter additional comments



Here you can prioritize the inserted tasks and specify when tasks are supposed to be completed respectively.

     - at once  - today  - asap  - soon  - next week  - on occasion



for informational purposes, the current state of the task can be inserted under “status”.

     - started  - 25%  - 50%  - 75%  - 99%  - completed  - closed  - deleted



displays who assigned the respective task. There is also a possibility to hide this row.



 here you can find a “history“ link that contains the following information.

     - time stamp  - field  - old value   - new value  - modified by



The following figure shows the right column of the To-Do-List: