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By choosing "Basic Options" you can change the basic settings of Poolarserver. By clicking on “Basic Options” an overview will open that shows you the most important settings.



Please click on “Edit” at the end of the overview in order to customize the default setting according to your company. The following figure displays all possible settings.


The tabs listed below, are organized in order of their appearance. 


OfficeMaster is the standard name of the Intranet. This name must NOT be changed!



Here, the name of the data is defined under which the data is being saved. The given name should not be changed since non compliance will lead to a loss of the links within the data index. Pre-setting for the data index is "000A-OfficeMaster".


Defines the return address for emails. If you answer an automatically generated email from Poolarserver, the responding email will be send to the address displayed here. The return address consists of the following          parts: username_Emailname@poolar.net 

Normal Name





Changes the language of the program. You can choose between English and German.


Internal Desc.
  This box contains a description of the chosen workspace 

Is Active

Activates and deactivates the workspace. This function is not implemented at the moment. 


Is ReadOnly
  Is ReadOnly If "Is Read Only" is activated, users are not able to upload data. However, the wiki function and the download function are  available unrestrictedly. 

My Office
  Defines the name of the project room which is visible on every page in the upper left corner. 

Ref to Project




Check Email


History Level


Init Download View


Confidential Message
  A text can be inserted which will appear on every page of Poolarserver in the upper frame of the screen. For example:"Please remember that you are bound by the confidentiality agreement you have signed"

Upload Preview
  Activates and deactivates the display of previews of uploaded data  (e.g. PDF, JPG, DWG)

QuickLink Module
  Activates and deactivates the “QuickLink Module“. Quicklink is only available in the intranet.

Member Page


Login Text
The login text is displayed at the login page of Poolarserver. Important information can be displayed here. The text is shown below the login window and is visible to everybody (including internet users that do not have access to Poolarserver). 

Time Sheet Header
The text displayed in this field will be visible on the printouts of the time-recording files. 

New Proj Mail


Webpage Support
Poolarserver includes an integrated website generator which allows you to publish Wiki pages of a workspace on the internet. If the function "Webpage Support" is activated another entry will be added to the menu called "Export to web"
When exporting a website, Poolarserver will automatically create a new file called "wikiwebs" in which you find the html page for the homepage. 
Important: In order to make the new webpage accessible on the internet, the link needs to be activated by a support member of Schwägerl & Friedle GbR. If you wish to get your own top-level domain for the website (e.g. www.mydomain.de) we are more than happy to help you with the setup, registration and redirection of your new domain.